with small steps of kindness to yourself and others.

Welcome to healing light co, where we encourage you to be kind to yourself and others.  Browse through our store today and take a moment to check out our blog its jammed packed with practical info on how we create good health and joy in our lives.



My name is Julie, I have been on a journey of physical and spiritual healing for many years. I realised that I must have a consistent self-care regime in order to be well and now I have built this site to share with you how I have tapped into my spiritual side combining it with my daily practices for wellness. I have managed to shed 19kgs and keep it off whilst transforming the lives of my three teenage sons and husband. Our family of five has shed over 90kgs. By pivoting a few basic things in our home and daily rituals. "Conscious Living" practices that are so simple have transformed our family unit.
Our candles are handmade by me. I believe that being creative is all a part of how we maintain balance and is essential for our health. Experience shopping with Healing Light Co for yourself and receive or share with others a little bit of ritual and healing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions.



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