• Julie

Get creative.. await further direction..

When I was in my early teens my creative flow was strong, I was into so many things and lived with an insaitable thirst for trying all elements of the creative. From paper making , to marbling kits, tye dying, drawing, knitting, photography, hat making, the list is endless. I was gifted a childhood with parents that knew I was a creative soul, who embraced the quality in me and let me run with it. My grandmother who I did not know well as she passed while I was a small child was an incredible seamstress, she would sew intuitively without patterns and made the most incredible things. You see to me, craving hobbies is a sign that you need to get back to creative soul time. It's a call to quiet and soul recovery. Not only are you creating with your hands you are quietening your mind. In the quiet you receive divine direction on what you need to do. Short sharp direction, a thought in whatever form it lands with you. We are all surrounded daily by endless choices. Its not about what you choose to do, its about the intention behind your choices. Concious choice, that you know in your gut are the right ones, even if they scare the life out of you. Follow through with them, with no expection of the outcome, no pay off. Faith and posture in what you know was a directive and just do it. Complete it and wait for further direction. Creativity can flow through endless channels, be creative with food, music, art, gardening, dance, photography, sewing, how you decorate your room, painting your fingernails, anything that brings you joy, ask yourself what you enjoyed when you were a child and use that as clues as to where to begin.

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