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Spirituality and Physical Wellness – food for thought.

So many people I know are feeling the burn. Too tired, emotionally spent, angry, stressed, sad, unwell, and overwhelmed. The overwhelm of knowing change is inevitable and necessary all at the same time with no idea where to begin. When I say it starts with you, I say this with love and care. I have been reading and listening about Chakras and how they affect our body’s energy flow and how things show up in our system.

I finished listening to ” Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss, Ph.D. I suggest you get the audible version as she speaks so beautifully and its a pleasure to listen to. This book resonated so strongly. I originally bought this book when I was young and single and was on a spiritual path back then, life got busy, and I strayed from its message. To hear it again I found myself saying oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. Every few minutes, which was pretty funny to the boys as I had earbuds in they didn’t know what I was listening to an audiobook. Just one of many things I learned and felt compelled to share is the first of the seven chakras. The Root Chakra. It is located at the base of our spine and coccyx. This Chakra relates to our birth and our family systems. It refers to our sense of belonging and our life force energy, amongst many other things. When it is blocked or stagnant, our vitality and zest for life are set off-kilter. It can leave you restless, tired, panicked, depressed, narrow thinking, negative, unmotivated, and not interested in life in general.

Its colour is red, the same as our blood coursing through our body and is related to earth elements.

So how to balance it. There are many ways to do this. A solid start is a few acts of kindness to yourself. Connect to the earth. Walk barefoot on the grass, do gardening A little physical exercise, Nutrition: eating red fruits and berries. Healing vibrations Meditations Essential oils Affirmations. Find what resonates with you. We are all different. Above is just a short list; there are so many other ways.

I want you to consider where you feel stressed, blockages in your life, and understand that we need to start with ourselves even in the smallest forms to get us moving forward. Doing a few kind things for yourself is not a luxury its necessity. Nurture yourself through a connection with nature, drinking clean water, eating nutritious food a little exercise even if its a walk to clear your head. If you don’t start taking the time to look after your self spiritually, it will show up physically in your body. The root chakra’s physical signs of stress are listed below. Lethargic and physically drained. Problems in the colon, bladder, lower back, left arm, leg or feet, and inflammation or cramps. Eating disorders can be stemmed from this root chakra. Think about your relationship with food. Do you eat to numb a feeling of not belonging, when you are stressed or anxious? Do you eat heavily processed food that after the first mouthful you regret the choice you made? Some food for thought there. I know for me, calming the body by choosing when I eat and what I put into my system has been groundbreaking. By Isolating what I know is right for me going into my body, I no longer crave particular foods that I couldn’t live without before. It’s like an emotional detachment to what food is for me. Food is fuel now and not a crutch. Keep it simple. Food, drink, supplements, keep it simple.

People will try to sell you solutions for better health and weight loss; honestly, it is straightforward, we need to start by going within. If the products pitched to you is dressed up as a meal replacement in a delicious flavored shake or a food bar, then ask yourself honestly if this is really for your greater good longterm. Don’t get caught in the hype of the weightloss industry. The danger is this. Once you go back to real foods, the weight will pile back on because it is calorie restricting and you may have avoided necessary self-care lessons because you got caught on the fierce diet exercise train. This train leaves you time poor and money drained at the end of it. Yes, we need to supplement our diets, the food we eat can’t hold everything we need, but you need to understand that if what you are taking costs a lot of money, then you won’t sustain it as a lifestyle choice longterm. I spend around $5 a day on supplements, and I choose superfoods that are naturally derived, hold everything I need, and absorb into my by body 98%. We need to get back to basics, start with kindness to yourself, eat things that are clean and healthy. Addressing the reason, the root cause of why you are eating and how you feel about yourself is a must-do exercise. I have started massive healing emotionally; it has changed the way I process information, food, and my intuition. It has been hard to explain to people that my journey with healing my body started on a spiritual level. “Kindness to me” was how it began. I have a daily commitment to myself to be kind to my body, mind, and spirit, a non-negotiable agreement. It has steamrolled into an awakening on so many levels.

It all starts with you. Make a promise to yourself to do the things that help you stay grounded and nurtured. Open up to learning about things you have been curious about or drawn to. Explore the spiritual. Investigating the Chakras is a good starting point to understand yourself a little better. It’s fascinating to think we all can heal ourselves if we start thinking outside the box. Let’s get back to basics with food, fasting, gentle exercise, and spirituality. It is by far a cheaper solution than chasing a quick fix that will catch us in the end.

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