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Wellness Simplified

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I spent years researching what to eat, how to cook it, the right oils the right protein which fruit and vegetables. You name it, I studied it. 

I did the get up at 4 am going to the gym, get ready for work drive an hour, work 10+ hours drive an hour home, cook dinner do housework, hit repeat. I did that for a year.

Well for me all of this equaled a truckload of work for the loss of a few kilos. I couldn’t sustain that.

I devised that it wasn’t what I was eating; it was WHEN and HOW MUCH. My food knowledge was good, my supplements were excellent, so when and how much was all I tweaked.

Without rest your body in all its functions is switched on, active and unable to repair itself.

This is my story.

I woke at 5am ( I had a busy job, kids and a husband that works away. A spotty dog that requires my time.)

Drank a big glass of water followed by my supplements.

Had a coffee. 

Prepped for WHEN I was going to eat.

Blended organic coconut milk frozen banana, frozen blueberries raspberries around 100 grams of fruit, clean protein powder blend and put in thermal smoothie cup stick in the fridge till ready for work. Sorted lunch, a fresh salad with 100g protein or sort a meal or 2 from the freezer from my menu 400 calories.

Packed macadamias, dark chocolate, peppermint tea bags and water bottle big enough for the day.

Made a tea in an insulated cup to drink on the way to work.

18 or 20 hours from when I ate last I would break my digestive rest window. 

Within a 6 hour window, I would drink my smoothie have macadamias or some chocolate and eat my lunch. So two meals a day with snacks of macadamias.

When the window of food had closed, I could have tea, water or sparkling water.

As I was working on a tv show that saw me walk a lot as I was a buyer, I would spend my days tearing around a shopping centre. Some days I would shop and walk 12 km over 5 hours. I walk fast everywhere, I go. So as my day finished, I would hit the mother’s room in Myer, put on their kettle, make a peppermint tea and go to the car and face peak hour sipping on a relaxing drink, listening to podcasts. Most days I would heat my lunch in there and eat it out of the mother’s room. (There was always a way for me to stick to healthy eating if I honoured myself by sticking to it.)

So when I got home, I made a tea or grabbed a water and headed upstairs to chill out. I generally rested my digestion in the evenings, and I didn't have dinner.

I showered and washed away the day.

I took my fish oil. (it’s like a relaxant, and I am asleep in a few minutes and sleep like a log when I take it ) stretch if sore and go to bed. Put away the phone. Watched a bit of tv if I felt like it, but I would hang with the dog speak to the husband if he was home, chat with my boys, but most importantly I would just lay down and rest. I would place my hands on my chakras that I felt needed to be acknowledged, and be present and send positive thought to those areas of healing.

I repeated this for months. Listened to loads of audiobooks on fasting and podcasts on things that interested me. I drove for around 5 hours a day in my job, so I used the time to sip on tea, drink water, and nurture my soul. I have been doing a 4-hour food window and 20 hours fast for a while now.

I avoid rice, pasta, bread, transfat oils, crackers, chips, anything processed, only have animal protein once a day, sometimes not at all. Fruit and Vegetables in everything. I keep it simple.

On Sundays, I cooked. I don’t fast on a Sunday. I cooked meals that are 400 calories and put them put in the freezer. I have a freezer with smoothie fruits, a pantry with coconut milk. We have fruit and vegetables in the house at all times. I follow the food principles of the medical medium.

I take the best supplements I could find, and they work for me, research them here. They have been a way to keep my immune system strong and body balance for healing.

So the results, I have gone from a size 18 Aus to a 10. 85.5 kgs to 66.5kgs so far. A loss of 19 kgs.

The kids don’t technically fast; they have just stopped eating after dinner, and the next day when they feel hungry their day begins. The kids no longer snack.

Harry 14, lost 30kgs, Aidan at 17 has lost 26 kgs and Nathan 7kgs.

I am nowhere near as time-poor as I used to be. By simplifying, I gained time. By cooking on a Sunday, I used most of my ingredients had less wastage, and I stored into Kmart containers that are sized well. 

I am yet to hit the gym, but I do light exercise of walking and some sit-ups and exercises I can do in my living room without having to go to the gym.

My advice I can share is to breathe and know it’s ok to rest. Simplify what you are doing it doesn’t have to be hard. Be sure to take the time to listen to the Jason Fung intermittent fasting book “The complete guide to fasting.”So you are educated on what you are doing and seek medical advice if you have any health issues before fasting. What if wellness was simple all along? And it is not just about the food that needs to be simplified. Calm down when and how much you eat and keep it simple.

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