• Julie

From quirky beginnings.

I was a curious kind of girl that loved to sew and had a great sense of adventure. From fifteen I was working as a D.J. in a skating rink, teaching the nut bush and the time warp. would come home with my hair dyed platinum blonde and partly shaved. We would dance out in our street with my pink ghetto blaster, and we lived in a cul de sac in Brisbane surrounded by loads of other kids who we classed as family. Life was awesome. When I finished high school, I worked at a millinery factory while studying fashion, drove a red M.G. that belonged to my dad.

Then I got into working in costume on television. I was 18 moved out of home and packed up the M.G. and hit the road working on films and tv.

I met Al my husband on a show when I was 24, and he was a lighting guy, we married a couple of years later and started our family. The film industry was a tough place to work while pregnant and raising kids, so I pursued my love for photography and started my own photography business while our boys were small. My three boys were all born by the time I hit 30. My thirties were a blur, and I lost sight of myself my body had been through four pregnancies, I miscarried our first baby while working on a show. Then I went onto having Aidan, the oldest boy, he was a high-risk birth, and I was in ICU after his birth due to pre-eclampsia and other complications. Harry was second born, and Nathan was lucky last. We had three boys under three just before I turned the big 30.

I was so tired I would edit till midnight and look after the boys, while I worked from home for a lot of years I was so fatigued I feel like I spent eight years fatigued. I spent time restoring my diet and my body and my creative soul. My wake up was a photo taken with one of my childhood friends, and I realized I just looked exhausted.

My journey out of the motherhood coma has brought me to where I am now.  45 and ready to share with you how I have managed to juggle working

back in film and raising our teens, I am again creating

and concentrating on good self care, I have a healthy balance that has seen me shed 20kgs with simple self activies that keep me grounded and present daily.

I love healthy food, intermittent fasting, a good impersonator concert at our local retirees’ club and I love giving back. 

That is my mission for this blog. I am bringing change through my creative heart and healing hands. So hopefully I will inspire to lift the fog and find your happier self too.

These images show my journey. The last image in the blue is me today at 45. As you can see from 39 (the photo that was taken of me that was my wake up call) to now it has been quite the journey.

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