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Pulling yourself out of the whirlpool.

What a change in events this past month or so has been. I have gone from being the mouse on a wheel running at crazy speeds to a complete halt. I was working on the Elvis movie and as you all know it has been put on hold. At first, I did the spinning thing where my intuition heightened and I just needed to be home and put the oxygen mask on our family and get sorted. So we are home now and all together. I have been presented with the gift of time to get this blog pumping. I want to share with you all the techniques and the healing my family used to transform our health. It is so important to acknowledge the primal need to secure yourself and your family with the basics of food and the things we need for daily life. But now the dust is settling and we now have a new normal, I feel I want to share some things I have put into daily practice over the past year that has made my life a lot simpler and healthier.

I am a big advocate for basic self-care as a necessity for wellness, mind, body, and spirit. We must look after all of them and acknowledge the connection.

My family has had a massive weight transformation over the past year, Myself dropping 19kgs, Aidan has dropped 26kgs, Harry dropped 32kgs and Nathan 7kgs. No fad diets or strenuous exercise regimes. We simplified how we eat and when and practice good self-care. I had to acknowledge in myself that my kids are guided by me so I had to be the example so I can set them up for success longterm.

I silenced my minds’s dialogue and reward relationship I have with food and just stopped and simplified things. I know with the stress people are under its easy to hit the comfort foods and processed sugars, but it’s important to get the moderation back on track. Our immune systems are the best thing we have right now to support through this time and it’s up to us to lay off the alcohol and lower inflammation and stress. This virus will be around for a while so the best option we have is to start with what we can control and repair.

This starts in the mind. So where to start? Decide how you want your body and mind connection to feel. For me it came down to a question in every aspect of how I live, that question being “Is this good for me? Yes or No? Don’t be afraid of the truth or the answer. Set your ego aside and just ask yourself. Yes or No? No justifying your choices in the past, just acknowledge that you are here and ready to accept the change.

Starting in your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you change everything. The life you are sitting in right now is all linked. See the world as a mirror of yourself. Coming to the understanding that the universe and your body and mind are linked and are inseparable is key.

Starting with honesty and forgiveness for yourself and how you have treated your life. We must be open to do the work on ourselves and our thoughts and just lean into what we know will help us even if we don’t understand the bigger picture, sometimes the bigger picture doesn’t reveal itself till we are ready. If you know everything upfront then your fear mechanism will kick in and that will be the end of the journey. It’s as simple as that.

Decided to start if thats what you want. I am here to guide you through it with what I have learnt and continue to learn daily.

Speak out loud to yourself and then say it again over and over. “I am kind, I am productive I am present”. Change your thoughts and you change everything. This is you leaning towards changing everything. Just lean, the rest will follow.

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