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Practical kindness for yourself.

A lot has changed for us during these COVID months, we have gone from a work-life in the film industry of running like a mouse on a wheel, the eternal juggler of kids, work, traffic, food, rest, the list goes on.

As time felt like it stood still over the first initial surprise of the effects of COVID I have been working on rituals of kindness that have become more important daily as time is progressing.

Here are some tips I felt it was time to share.

Look at how we fill our time, where it goes, and are we using it to our best advantage.

My day now begins with three things.

SHOWER - I always make sure I start the day with a shower. I use this as a moment to wash away anything that has come to me in the dream state of the night before. I state my intentions for the day three times out loud when in the shower. This holds me present and accountable for how I want my day to progress. I send grace (thoughts of love to those I know struggling at the moment ).

STRETCH - After I get dressed and ready myself for the day I lay on the ground and stretch.

MEDITATE- I sit in quiet reflection and meditate and write down what comes to me. Spotify has some great general meditation music. Be sure to put your phone onto do not disturb.

I find these three things to help me keep the day on track.

Turn off the media or limit your time absorbing the chaos of the world at the moment. Welcome in the creative flow that is around you, you just need to tap in. Find colour, nature, fresh air, and breathe. When you find some peace and happy times be sure to share it with those who are still looking for theirs.

Your thoughts and intentions are powerful. If you don't know where to begin try these practical tips.

Make a list of what you did as a child that brought you joy and start revisiting these activities.

Bring colour into your day. Paint your nails, wear clothing that isn't black, or grey for a few days in a row.

Clear the energy in your home. Open a window and let in the sun and fresh air. Light a candle with a scent to bring ignite your senses. Use a pendulum to adjust the chi of your home.

Pay attention to your own frequency. Note what makes you feel happy and sad or a sense of foreboding and work towards things that raise you up.

Think of our senses and use them as ways to make you feel better

Sight, touch, smell, taste, sound. Use these as your tool kit for kindness to your self.

Small bites of the practical keep us moving forward in a positive and enriching way.

It's ok to reward yourself and do kind things that make you happy.

The end game is to be joyful and productive and to let life flow.

Get practical and just start small and do these things often so you can allow a shift to begin. Often it's hard to know where to start, so just lean, start with two showers a day, a good stretch, some quiet reflection, and be consistent.

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